Not only won the regular season MVP, but also won two champions

  • Durant, who became the youngest scoring champion in the NBA at the age of 21, has now passed his 11th season in the NBA, not only winning the regular season MVP, but also winning two consecutive championships and the finals MVP. !

    Because of the transfer of the storm, Durant can be said that Xiaobian has seen the most black players!

    In the just-concluded Durant Guangzhou line, he showed his love for basketball, his concentration on the goal, the encouragement of the small players, and his responsibility to make his decision!

    In just two days of the trip, not nike air max 2017 damen sale only did there be very interesting moments, but also very touching details. It was these small details that made the Xiaobian, who didn’t feel at first, start to turn the powder!

    Touched moment

    She is a loyal Durant fan, holding Durant's supersonic jersey in Seattle, and screaming with fans on the scene with Durant's appearance!

    When Durant put the signature basketball in her hands, the excited tears of the girl flowed out without any disguise. For her, this may be the moment that will be remembered for a lifetime, and the impression of her idol!

    During the event, Durant nike air force one accidentally turned around and suspended the whole event because there was a naked man in the crowd who painted Durant's portrait on his back, and Durant immediately walked over and said hello. ,
    For Durant this is a move that belongs to him!

    In Durant's men's and women's mixed training, because of the active fight, the boy overwhelmed the girl who rushed to rebound in the basket, while the training continued, and the girl walked down the court with her legs.

    When the attention of everyone on the scene was placed on the training ground, Durant came to pay tribute to the girl's situation to see if she was injured because of the impact. The details made me feel moved!