We are all together and nobody panic

  • Brandon Graham, the Philadelphia Hawks defensive end, rushed to Madden Mobile Coins Brady in about two and a half minutes before the game and he completed a sack of Brady. The most crucial thing he did was Brady knocked out the ball in the hands of the ball off the ball while the ball was picked up by the Hawks rookie Barnett. Completed the key conversion of the ball, killing the game directly.The Hawks waited 57 minutes to wait until this one sack, and this directly changed the game, but the Philadelphia Eagles champions Fletcher - Cox this is very calm, he said he believes the sooner or later the Hawk will be Brady's


    "We're all together and nobody panic. We're calm throughout the game. We know what to do to stop them, and we know that the decisive blow may be to just a few offensives, and we've been through it before In such a situation, we took a breath and decided the game. "Graham decided the success of the game tonight. Cox was not surprised." He did what he should do, he decided the success or failure "We knew they would not choose to run the ball the last two minutes, and I know it was only a matter of time before we could make a lore strike," said Malcolm Jenkins, the Hawks veteran security officer.