With holiday sales and new performance

  • "And games have been $60 for a really long time. It sounds like a lot, but as the economy has changed and gotten stronger, we're still paying $60 for games, and it's been that way for a while. I think that the PC Steam market of discount, discount, discount is kind of the area where you see a downward trend in gaming prices and we totally exploited that for Early Access [but] we always had a mind to go higher when we released. It's just that maybe we didn't communicate what that meant and also since retail came along later, we didn't really realize how high we would have to go in order to make retail even possible. A lot of Cheap ARK Items that stuff happens late in development. It's not something we could pre-plan, because we didn't even know we were doing retail when we started this thing."


    With holiday sales and new performance and visual upgrades to take advantage of Xbox One X, Rapczak fully expects to see some influx of players to Ark over the next few months. Upgrading the title for the Xbox One X was a relatively painless process, he says, and it could make the game far more attractive for new Ark console players.