After joining Sanchez

  • After joining Sanchez, Mourinho on the lineup gradually rectification, Lingard's starting position is also at stake. Prior to the Champions League guest fight Sevilla, he was placed on the bench. Tonight, United ushered Chelsea at home, eager to win the opponent back to FIFA Coins  the league second and complete the first leg of revenge Mourinho, did not let Lingard debut. However, in the unfavorable situation of Manchester United offensive, Lingard took the lead in the second half.


    Even with Lukaku, Mashale and Sanchez Road push to tie the score, but Manchester United on the position in the attack clearly lacking in series. In order to win the victory, Manchester United must be changed on the offensive end, so Jose Mourinho will be the first substitutions to Lingard. After debut, Lin Jiade began to rely on their own running to enrich the Manchester United offensive. The first 70 minutes, he actively inserted before the high pass over Pogba cross the ball, but regrettably lack of height failed to control the ball; the first 75 minutes, his teammate Lukaku on the right ball in the case of direct impact on the restricted area in front of him, Link Lukaku header pass header score!