Black Panther defender veteran Coleman and Johnson

  • On Monday, Kurt Coleman was released by the Panthers. This veteran suddenly plunged into NFL Coins unemployment.

    The move made $ 2.65 million in salary space for the Panthers and $ 5.25 million in dead money.

    And Coleman also lost his job alongside defensive end Charles - Johnson (Charles Johnson). Johnson was selected in 2007, the number of sacks and forced off the ball were the second largest number, behind Julius Peppers (Julius Peppers). In the 2017 season, Johnson declined in importance in defense.

    Coleman, who has reached the age of thirty in July of this year, started 12 games last year and ranked 82nd in the PFF's position. After he left, Panthers will seek younger players to reinforce.

    Bill coach Daniel Sean McDermott was a former Panthers defensive coordinator and there is reason to expect him and Coleman to rejoin.