For those hoping there might be some documentation within the g

  • ARK, like many games in the survival genre, doesn’t do much of anything to help get you on your feet. Once you’re done admiring the dinosaurs on the beach, you’ll realise the game is telling you that are you are Cold. That’s it. That’s the only inform ation it gives you to start with. Okay, what do I do about that? It’s a nice day out, running about in the sun seems to take care of the cold. But what about longer term? Your ability to  ARK Items create shelter and begin building a life will hinge on how experienced you are with other games in the genre. Veteran players will already be hoovering up crafting components and resources, fist-fighting trees for wood and ginning up a rickety shed in which to survive the night. Those unfamiliar might just get eaten by a dinosaur as they frolic about, realise the game isn’t what they thought it was and log out, never to return.


    For those hoping there might be some documentation within the game, know that you’re going to have to work for it. Whoever was in charge of UI for ARK is a sadist. The menus are labyrinthine, the text microscopic (on my 50″ 4K television no less) and even if you do find what you’re looking for, there’s every chance you may not be able to decipher it. The controls screen alone is an absolute shambles and does nothing to help you understand how the game works.