Ma Homs arm like a cannon

  • Ma Homs arm like a cannon, I think everyone wants that kind of Madden Coins quick takeover, you know when you have such a quarterback with such a strong passing ability, these excellent There are plenty of opportunities for catchers, and it's a good thing that such players are very hot throughout the league, "Brett-Vichy, chief executive of the chiefs said.


    In recent years, Kansas Chiefs have focused on the speed of these players when catchers are introduced, no matter where they are located. Outsider Tyreke Hill is one of the NFL's fastest runners; Chris Conley, who took the 40-yard punch up to 4,35 seconds while competing in the draft, while the Emirates superstar, the 260-pound, Travis - Kelsey also has a very alarming rate. But for the chiefs manager Vijay this is not enough, he hopes to have more rapid players to provide the chiefs and Ma Holmes ammunition, in order to ensure that there can be long-range passing blow.