With all these new versions of ARK in the pipeline

  • ARK: Survival Evolved will also arrive on Nintendo Switch. Initially the developers had said that the hybrid console would not be supported, but after the mobile versions of the game there were no more excuses to justify this decision. So, on Reddit, the news of Buy ARK Items the porting was a pleasure, but it also raised another more thorny issue. With all these new versions of ARK in the pipeline, when will the development team deign to correct the errors in the title?

    ARK: Survival Evolved presents in fact a number of bugs and technical problems that should be solved, both on Xbox One and on PlayStation 4. The fear of users is that Studio Wildcard will never remedy it if in the meantime it continues to expand the presence of the title on other platforms. There are those who see in the arrival of ARK on Nintendo Switch yet another opportunity to tap the money: "It worked for PUBG, and now it's up to ARK" claims the user kangaroo120y. Others, on the other hand, are more discrete and simply state that if the software company "thinks that the title is ready to go on Switch, it is not" or "it should first be optimized as it should". In short: the problem would not be Nintendo Switch, but just the current state of ARK: Survival Evolved.