Several people in Nashs transaction case are also to be noticed

  • Several people in Nash’s transaction case are also to be noticed. They are several players sent away by the Bruins. Ryan Spooner was the second round of the 2010 Bruins Bears. He played six and a half seasons with the Bruins and scored 140 points in 252 games and 40 assists in 252 games. His body is relatively weak, but his skills are comprehensive. His greatest advantage is that he can play in multiple positions, from three centers to  NHL Coins a center, and then to the second right in the middle of the season.


    No matter who is his teammate, he can perform well on the offensive end. Due to the long period of effectiveness, he also had a good understanding with teammates such as Ma Shang and Bergeron, and thus became a member of the first team of brown bears. He is a very good player in the second and third groups, but his $2.825 million annual contract expires at the end of the season. Since there are many young players in the team still holding cheap rookie contracts, the brown bears need to complete their contract extension in the next 2-3 years, so the possibility of contracting with Spooner is also very small. Instead of leaving him as a free agent after the season, it's better to trade it as a bargain. This abacus, general manager Swini played very smart.