In addition to writing books

  • In addition to shut up, in the TB12 book, Brady also revealed that apart from the game day, every day less than nine will go to bed and rest. This "sunrise and sunset," and completely out of touch with the modern urban life of the absolute law and order of Buy Madden 18 Coins life, making Brady's personal image infinite close to seclusion in Zhongnanshan priests. Until today, when you read the disclosure article of the Boston Globe, you know that Bradley was extremely dependent on Alexei Guerrero. The true identity of the latter is a famous traditional Chinese medicine. All its concepts come from the profound Chinese medicine .


    In addition to writing books, the commercial collaboration between Tom Brady and Guerrero also covered physical areas of the medical community, and the TB12 Physiotherapy Center came into being at the gates of Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Patriots. Close to the water, the first phase of the tower, fertilizer flow non-foreign fields, with a very advantageous geographical location, and Tom - Brady's respected, New England Patriots all the players who are regular physicists, of course, including grid Longkoski, Butler and a dozen Patriots star, the cost of physical therapy services simply credited to the accounts of the Patriots. Finally, Guerrero simply moved his office to the Patriot's locker room door, and immediately after the game ended for the players physiotherapy massage.