After the start of the season

  • Klopp also believes that now the uproar of FIFA Coins foreign speculation transfer rumors will not affect the team. Klopp said: "My players are professional players, and sometimes they are rumors of the protagonist, or his teammates in the whirlpool of gossip. They have long been accustomed to these rumors, if they are smart enough, they These rumors will not affect the team.In fact, since last summer, we are surrounded by transfer rumors, but do you think Liverpool have been affected because of these rumors? Obviously not, we are now focused on In front of the game, we are not interested in other things as a coach, my job is not to respond to these transfer rumors, but to let my team play well.


    After the start of the season, Chelsea goalkeeper Qitu Tuwa news of the team was reported by several media, in the face of rumors, Chelsea decided to provide a top salary contract to Qutuwa, Curtuva himself confirmed this News, and is willing to renew the contract with the team.Chelsea goalkeeper Qutuowa is the most stable defense on the team's defensive line, but his salary does not exactly match his contribution to the team, the current weekly turnover of Qutubva Chelsea is 10 million pounds. In the case of Mad Biography Real Madrid intends to oust Cole Tuva, Chelsea decided to provide a new contract to Qitu Tuwa, if the team renewal, Qatute Wa weekly doubled to 200,000 pounds, Side by side with Degea as the highest paid goalkeeper.