Initiative to leave James

  • Wei less this season, the defensive performance is very positive, which is a major change from him, from last season, focused on the offensive, switched to the offensive and defensive end this season, the rational distribution of  NBA Live Coins energy. Wei less good this season, a single defensive effect, he one-on-one against the other players holding the ball singles, the defensive goal can hit the singles hit to 26.1%, last season this figure is 42.6%, the progress is obvious.

    Initiative to leave James, went to Boston to open up a new career, Owen in the Celtics found his longing for happiness. Celtics hit a 16-game winning streak, they ranked first in the east, Owen ushered in the transformation from singles prince to team leader, maybe he is not strong enough to challenge James in the east hegemony, but he is trying to become the expectations of themselves .