Klopp expressed his determination to Liverpool fans

  • Klopp believes that Liverpool's spirit will remain high: "I understand the disappointment of fans, when you have to bid farewell to a player you mind, there will always be this feeling .Although sad, but have to  FIFA Coins accept it, This is a part of football, everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. There are players to join, there are players to leave, this is football. As a club, when we are strong enough, even if lost an important player, we can Continuation of the initiative on the court in Liverpool's history, there are key players in the past to leave, but the club always forward, Liverpool's spirit and soul will not change.


    Finally, Klopp expressed his determination to Liverpool fans: "We will continue to progress, continue to grow and continue to invest in building the team. Today we farewell to Kudiniao, tomorrow we will continue our own way, we will work together to achieve our The goal of bringing the trophy back to Anfield. "