had pretty much only stuck to the southern beaches

  • For starters, searching for explorer notes helped me to get better acquainted with The Island map. Before heading out, I had pretty much only stuck to the southern beaches and the swamps, afraid to venture to the far north of the map in an effort to Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online avoid the more dangerous predators. But now I actually had to spend time in each location, turning over the different areas for chests hidden in the foliage, peering into cracks in the environment. As a result, I learned more about the creatures living in each individual setting, the different climates, and the placement of resource spawns.More importantly, it had the side-effect of forcing me into situations I never would have expected in the game.

    In one notable encounter I stumble across another player’s Giant Beaver tame being attacked by a Therizinosaurus on a beach. Unable to just stand by and watch someone’s hard work be undone, I unloaded a few shotgun shells into the much larger creature, and then made it my mission to return the wounded animal home.