Jordan and Lu Wei have a very strong instant playoff strength

  • Since the Chris Paul was sent to the Rockets, Clippers 2017-18 season completely rebuilt. Beijing January 30, 2018, Blake - Griffin was sent Clippers to the Pistons in exchange for Tobias - Harris, Avery - Bradley, 2018 first-round pick and the second round of NBA Live Coins 2019 Pickup. After this, the Clippers continued to seek deals in an attempt to clean up Jordan and Lewis - Williams contract.


    Jordan and Lu Wei have a very strong instant playoff strength, in which the small Jordan is still at the peak of his career, they need for those who need the power of the team has a high transaction value. For this reason, the Clippers have a high asking price on Little Jordan and Luowe to win the potential of young potential and draft picks, and the Cavaliers clearly do not meet this requirement (Knight's first-round pick in 2018 Not too high).


    Thompson, 26, 206 centimeter tall and playing very well both before and after the 2015 contract, is one of the best Defensive Player of the Knights, but in the last two seasons his performance has dropped due to off-court and other factors Serious, 2017-18 season was relegated. Thompson's contract was large compared to the declining court performance - he had signed a $ 82 million five-year fat contract for the next three years, worth about $ 52 million.