How to play with an online rated game against your friends in N

  • With NBA 2K MT Coins being a huge cashgrab with microtransactions, we decided to commit our time and cash in NBA Live 18, also, truth be told, we are genuinely enjoying the game. In fact, switching to Live this season was one of the best decisions we could make since the hiatus which EA took this past year so they could invest a couple of years of growth into NBA Live 18 has repaid.

    The sport is immensely fun as it has plenty of different modes that offer hours of content which doesn't feel as though pointless grinding. However, the 1 feature that EA decided to drop this year is - believe it or not - the choice to play a normal match from the buddy online. Sure you can play against your friends by what EA call "The One" in which you use your custom made participant, but using the official NBA teams and enjoying a regular versus game is something that you cannot do in this sport.

    We had been expecting that EA would spot this in somewhere along the way, such as they did with the roster editing and 3v3 modes, but it seems we'll never get to see the day. So, as you do, we turned to reddit to see if we were the only ones baffled by the lack of the crucial feature.

    That which we stumbled upon a query posted by greenteastick who was looking to buy NBA Live 18 but was concerned about the match online modes, and he wanted to know if you were able to play against your friend online. He received an answer from 1 user who said that the only workaround to this would be to enter the Head to Head mode at the same time as your friend, and hope that you are matched against each other.

    Now this method may seem too easy to be true, but only for the hell of it, I decided to check it out. So I logged into the EA server while at a group with my buddy on the PS4. We entered the Head to Head manner, chosen our teams and... voilà! It really worked!

    We played with a rated match against each other as if we had been in a personal lobby. We tested this method 10 times to find out if the first time we played was a fluke, and 7 out of 10 times, we were able to perform together.

    So let us break it down real fast again. If you want to play against your friend on line, all you need to do is input the Head to Head style, and NBA Mobile Coins reach the screen where you pick your team.