MapleStory 2 is nothing like the first game, and that's good

  • MapleStory 2 closed PC beta started on May 9, and boy, is it a completely different game from the first MapleStory. Cheap Maplestory Mesos takes the world and characters people loved in the original game, throws them in a time machine and then shoves more prevalent, modern MMORPG gameplay into the game. For starters, the new game is not a pixel side-scroller such as the first MapleStory was. Instead it requires on a blocky appearance, similar to Minecraft, but using its own cutesy spin. However, the aesthetics are the important differences between the two games.

    In MapleStory 2, there is no need to stay on a single map and grind monsters for long periods of time like in the first game. And while quests felt like a waste of time in MapleStory, its sequel's story quests are pretty much mandatory for leveling up. Your character levels easily and naturally just from doing the story quest, like in Final Fantasy XIV or some other contemporary MMO.

    The sequel also encourages some more source management than its predecessor. Rather than spamming your strongest skill and relying upon a furry friend to automatically refill your health and mana, you actually have to watch your "spirit" degrees and utilize your abilities to refill them. This makes the game tougher than the first MapleStory, but the skill rotations you need to do to keep your spirit up aren't complex, like some other MMOs. The first game's combat tends to find a little mind-numbing when shooting down enemies, but dodging area-of-effect abilities on a 3D map and maintaining soul forces you to pay more attention in MapleStory 2.

    All these modifications make MapleStory 2 feel as a better sequel rather than just the 3D rendition of an older game that it could have been. If you're looking to slay some pigs and conduct some raids, then this is probably the game for you. But if you want to just grind all day and night, you need to stick to the original MapleStory.

    Though I've just played for about two weeks (was tired af waiting for a character to be deleted in my main universe), I feel as though other worlds could benefit from the game if cubes were purchasable with MapleStory 2 mesos. However, not just some cubes.

    If you've attained Master and Meister ranking levels, I believe that you need to have the ability to purchase Maplestory 2 items Master and Meister cubes (or the crafting stuff to create one) directly from Crafting Merchant Nack. The standard price per cube could be about 6m to 10m per cube with only 3 of every purchasable daily. The cost is inexpensive, so the weaker players who attained master and meister amounts can buy at least 1 per day, and the cap is indeed extremely rich don't just buy hundreds of cubes at once and get started selling freshly cubed gear.