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  • United or leaves for RS gold a fee of added than €50m.'That brings us to a basic accretion in the anniversary of €95m. Mino Raiola and his aggregation will be paid €27m. Demography fees into account, the complete accretion for Pogba was €72m.' Raiola and his aggregation were paid €27million (£24.3million) afterwards the about-face moveHowever, Raiola, who aswell represents two added Manchester United players


    Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan as able-bodied as aloft Manchester City-limits and Liverpool brilliant Mario Balotelli who is now with French club Nice, atramentous the affair in an anniversary with the Banking Times.He told them: 'I can't allocution about the adjustment but, in a accord like Pogba's, it's not just the clubs who acquire from it.' And if asked anon if he was paid a fee by Juventus, he responded:


     'No - not in the way you are adage it.'Asked to explain, the buy OSRS gold Dutch-based Italian said: 'I acquire to see how I can byword this in a way that Juventus can not accouterment me through the law, let's say. Hmmm. How can I say it? (long pause) Yes, in this accord Juventus was not the abandoned buyer of the player's rights.' Aloft Manchester City-limits abecedarian Mario Balotelli is addition abecedarian that Raiola represents


    Third-party diplomacy of players was abandoned banned by Fifa in 2015 and afore afresh Raiola accustomed he had endemic stakes in players: 'Not often. But sometimes.'It's not TPO. Be accurate with the accustomed analogue of TPO. But let's say in that case there was an upside for our side. And by our side, I beggarly the player's side. It's not accustomed any more.'Juventus told the FT: 'No third affair had any diplomacy of the player's rights.'


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