Altered for the cheapest Maplestory Mesos

  • So here is a simple solution that I have which would make a bunch of peeps happy, at least I believe so... Extend the Hunter's Club occasion by one or two weeks, and change the 8 tries per day limit to unlimited.

    Since the items are not breaking any game balance, or any part of the Maplestory Items economy (because the items are untradeable) I think giving players more chances to obtain those items is reasonable. This will offer an equivalent balance to players who didn't use the glitch versus the players who did. A couple of weeks should be plenty of time for the ordinary player to have the ability to obtain among the higher tier items with boundless tries per day.

    Obviously we can not make the peeps happy who are upset at the fact that peeps abused a glitch in general, but we could give equal opportunity to every participant for all these items.

    Hopefully this may be considered, and altered for the cheapest Maplestory Mesos better. Thanks! The solution to this fiasco isn't to let everybody abuse an exploit. Nexon should be discouraging that type of action, not encouraging it.

    MapleStory Hero skills suggestions

    By what will be coming in next patches, it is interessant if we dont count fixes we'll get, no matter the reason why this change on Cry Valhalla in 2-3 months (if looking at KMS patch notes in from September patch into the one manufactured in november for a few revamps).