What is Contingent Employment

  • Advantages of part-time work

    If we stick to the advantages that a part-time job can bring , the most interesting and common ones would be the following:

     Flexible schedule

    As it is a reduced working day , there is more free time and the possibility of playing with the schedule since the workload will not be very high. This time flexibility is ideal for those people who want to combine studies with work, since they will have time for such studies.

     Combine it with other activities

    In general, Contingent Employment jobs are ideal for students or those who have family with children at home , since not being of many hours can combine employment with studies and home care. By not having the obligation to carry out extra hours you have the certainty that the work schedule will be perfectly fulfilled.

     Less stressful jobs

    Part-time jobs are less stressful than if the workday were longer , so you probably do not have to take work home. For this reason, they are usually jobs that fit perfectly with other activities both inside and outside the home.

     Get experience

    A part-time job is not , unfortunately, ideal for seeking an important economic support , but rather as a kind of springboard to gain experience and achieve better work. The majority of the workers have passed through their working life through numerous contracts of this type until they can reach an indefinite one.