These are the highest paid technicians and technologists

  • The salaries of the graduates of this educational system have rebounded, reveals study.

    The salaries for it engineer salary or recent graduates of Institutions of Education for Work and Human Development had last year, compared to 2011, an increase of 8.3 percent. That means that they went from 822,539 pesos, on average, to 890,585 pesos, last year. (Also read: The professions with better salaries for recently graduated students )

    The data is part of the results of the Labor Observatory for Education, released on Wednesday by the Ministry of National Education, which for the first time analyzed the offer of human capital certified by the IETDH and its employment relationship.

    This report highlights that between 2010 and 2012, 178,512 certifications were delivered throughout the country in 2,883 programs from 812 institutions of this class and 112 regional centers in the Seine.

    The bulk of the certified Colombians (85 percent) were trained in the areas of sales and services, health, finance and administration, operation of transport equipment and primary and extractive exploitation.

    The salaries received by these graduates when they are linked to work are below those obtained by recent graduates in other levels of higher education, such as technical professionals (1'046.290 pesos), technologists (1'139.750 pesos) and graduates. of programs with high quality accreditation (1'759.973 pesos).

    Salaries of recently graduated professionals

    The recent graduates of professional careers that are receiving the highest salaries when they are hooked are the oil engineers, with about 4.3 million pesos, and with an average of 97.1 percent.

    Geology follows, with 3'400,576 pesos; electromechanical engineering, 2'800,619 pesos; medicine, 2'703,615 pesos, and mechanical engineering, 2'028.987 pesos. In general, the average salary of a recently graduated university professional was 1'604,583 pesos, last year.

    By areas of knowledge, graduates in agronomy, veterinary science and related obtained, on average, 1'358.555 pesos; those of fine arts, 1'299.406 pesos; those of educational sciences, 1'802,689 pesos; those of health sciences, 2'255.953 pesos; those of social and human sciences, 2'218.049 pesos; those of economy, administration, accounting and related, 1'969.633 pesos, and those of engineering, architecture, urban planning and related, 1'873.750 pesos

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    The surveys made by the authors of the study to graduates of higher education institutions revealed that eight out of ten said they had obtained their first job less than three months after receiving their degree. In fact, 62.3 percent said they were already working before they graduated.

    With respect to the types of contracts, the percentage of contracts with an indefinite term fell from 50 percent registered in the last report of the Observatory, to 49 percent, while that of definite term contracts increased from 23 to 25 percent.

    Social networks, with 58 percent, turned out to be one of the most used job search channels by students, followed by the media, with 15 percent.

    So they pay technicians and technicians on average.

    These are the approximate salaries obtained by recent graduates of the technical and professional technological levels:

    The best salaries among technical professionals or telecom technician salary

    Electromechanics: 1'931.373 pesos
    Professional technical specialization in industrial instrumentation: 1'661.857 pesos
    Telecommunications: 1'572.152 pesos
    Professional specialization in industrial maintenance: 1'540.424 pesos
    Nursing: 1'510.424 pesos

    The best salaries in the technological level or computer engineers average salary

    Maintenance online of aircraft: 2'364.271 pesos
    Technology in hygiene and industrial safety: 2'124.715 pesos
    Radiotherapy: 2'119.133 pesos
    Electromechanics: 1'850.019 pesos
    Industrial electromechanical maintenance: 1'811.531 pesos

    The best salaries for graduates of the Seine

    At the technical-professional level

    Nursing: 1'510.424 pesos
    Processing and characterization of materials: 1'308.665 pesos
    Manufacture of welded constructions: 1'184.086 pesos
    Welded constructions: 1'109.530 pesos
    Manufacture of products by machining: 1.068.444 pesos

    At the technological level

    Online maintenance of aircraft: 2'364.271 pesos
    Industrial electromechanical maintenance: 1'811.531 pesos
    Industrial automation: 1'586.520 pesos
    Diagnostic images: 1'457.018 pesos
    Industrial chemistry: 1'446.476 pesos