Best Career in Engineering- Highest Paying Jobs

  • High paying entry level jobs are always in demand

    "There has been no unemployment in this sector for many years and salaries have been rising for four or five years now. Now, however, this process has accelerated

    Salaries are accelerated, but have not yet reached the pre-crisis level and are lower than those of the EU

    Among computer scientists there has always been little unemployment, but a few years ago they were little valued jobs. This has changed completely. Before the computer scientists were in the basements and now companies put them in the attics of the offices and offer masseurs and gyms to retain them. And in the consultancies, which have a corporate culture very different from that of start-ups and less attractive to young people, the best engineers earn more than 100,000 euros, and even more than the partners themselves.

    The demand for computer and telecommunications engineers has shot beyond the companies in the sector, for the digitization of all traditional sectors, and has coincided in Barcelona with the start-up boom (there are more than 1,100 according to a study) and with the implantation of technological centers of multinationals: according to the data of the consultant JLL, these firms have rented 53% of the offices that have gone out to the market, that is, more than 150,000 m These multinationals bring engineers from all over the world but even then the demand that they themselves generate is not covered.


    A system administrator is therefore responsible for installing or maintaining a system composed of several computer components, in optimal operating conditions for its correct use by users of these. For this, it must monitor the state of the system periodically, perform maintenance and repair tasks, purchase new elements, updates, security, equipment and network configuration administrator definition etc.

    Network administrators are basically the network equivalent of system administrators: they maintain the Hardware and Software of the network. This includes the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of the network gear: Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc. Management activities of a network usually include address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and configuration tables routing as well as configuration of authentication and authorization services. Network administrator Job description includes the planning of the computer network. This planning includes the selection of the correct network addressing system, the connection devices, and the layout design of the different network configurations.

    Implementation and Maintenance: After designing and accurate planning, implementation and maintenance of the network all user accounts also form an important part of the work of the network administrator.

    Technical Support: As technical supporters, network technicians help solve and correct network problems that one can experience with the computer network. This requires a lot of patience and sometimes working beyond the call of duty.

    Freelance Network Analysts and network specialists concentrate on the design and security of the network, particularly in solving problems or debugging problems related to the network. His work also includes the maintenance of the network authorization infrastructure.


    The jobs that offer the greatest supply or demand within the dynamic environment of the telecommunications sector are the following:

    • Telecommunications technician.

    • Telecommunications engineer.

    • Systems engineer.

    • Network engineer.

    • Network Analyst.

    • Electronic Engineer.

    • Support and implementation engineer.

    • Telecommunications development engineer.

    • Computer engineer specialized in telecommunications.

    • International telecommunications specialist.

    • Call center agent.

    • Call center supervisor.

    • Call center operator

    • Sales executive in telecommunications.

    • Service seller.

    • Network installer.

    • Telecommunications electrician.

    • Specialist in telecommunications technology.