Technical Support Engineer Salary Versus NOC Technician salary

  • Technical Support Engineer

    Technical support is a range of services through which assistance is provided to users when they have a problem using a product or service, whether it is the hardware or software of a computer on an Internet server, peripherals, electronic items, machinery, or any other equipment or device. In recent years there is a trend to provide isolated technical support, where a technician attaches to the computer over a remote connection request that has the capacity to store many memory jobs.

    All companies require the work of a Technical Support Engineer; however, it is more common in the case of companies that use specialized equipment or programs, that is, financial institutions, hotels, government entities, chain stores and organizations in which these professionals work directly with customers through support centers or assistance via telephone.

    Technical Support Engineer Salary

    The starting pay for a full-time technical support engineer is $14.29 per hour, but the median salary goes around $21.25 per hour and the highest salary goes around $31.59 per hour.

    NOC Technician

    NOC is a network operations center. A company or organization establishes a NOC to have a centralized location for its servers and network equipment. Having all or most of the servers and network equipment in the same location makes it easy for the company to provide security and maintenance of this vital part of their internal and external communication skills. NOC can be outside or within the limits of the company, depending on the available space, safety considerations or equipment requirements.


    The network operations center (NOC) is an area where professionals do their work now a day’s computer engineering career is booming up, using classy equipment that produces conceptions of the networks that IT specialists are answerable, according to Tech Target. From this center, specialists in solving network problems, distribute new programs and update data. From this center, the overall performance of the company's network is controlled and the networks are coordinated. NOC workers are often engineers at NOC.

    NOC Technician salary

    Salary is the main constraint for any employer, it depends on various factors such as experience, skills and the city. The hourly rate is different from full time to that of a freelancer. For a freelancer, the range is in between ($20.42 – $33.32)/hr and for full time it’s in between ($13.95 – $28.61)/hr. This shows how the pay differs from full-time employers.