Tera: With Twitch Prime now from the console version

  • 30.03.2018 um 11:16 o clock If you do not wish to wait until the state run launch from the console version of Tera on April 3, 2018, you'll be ready with a small detour. For this purpose, you merely need your free account with Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime. This will supply you with, as well as a Vorzugzugang including a Draka companion as well as a special weapon design.
    The official launch on the Free2Play Tera Gold (buy mobile phone . € 12.99) planned around the PlayStation 4 and also the Xbox One. But having a little detour you'll be able to already plunge to the online adventure. All you need for this specific purpose is your free account on Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime.
    With its help, you may now unlock a primary access to the console version of Tera. But that's its not all. At the same time you'll receive a package with many different extras. These include a Draka escort as well as a special weapon design called "Purple Plasma". In addition, there is definitely an elite status for 15 days, which grants you some bonuses like EP and gold potions and also teleportation aids. In order to unlock the pre-access, you should activate the crown symbol from the upper screen bar from the Twitch website and select the attached entry there.
    Twitch Prime users get pre-purchased the console version of Tera. (1)
    Twitch Prime users get pre-purchased the console version of Tera. (1) Source: Twitch Here is a complete overview from the Twitch package for Tera:
    ? Pre-Access - This offer provides you with pre-use of TERA from Tuesday, March 27th, one week before a state release!
    ? "Purple Plasma" weapon design - A violet plasma weapon design for your class that you pick.
    ? Companion: Violet - A violet Draka Companion that automatically collects loot in your case.
    ? Golden Crown (Head Accessories) - This crown is good for every king and queen!
    ? Lucky Key (10 Pieces) - This will unlock any closed fortune box. Locked Lucky Boxes contain valuable consumables for instance potions, crystals, and enchantment materials which can be used to upgrade, stain, or enhance equipment.
    ? Elite status (15 days) - Benefits from various bonuses for 15 days, including XP potions, Gold reward potions, teleportation items, discounts within the Cheap Tera Gold shop, and even more.