Previews: PAX West 2017 - Hands on with all the Console Version

  • Tera has been in existence on the free-to-play MMORPG for PC’s for a few years and contains garnered itself a big following of fans and players. Now, since the game readies making it jump from PC limited to the F2P console market En Masse is getting ready to give players their first taste of the items it’s like to experiment with Tera on the console. We were capable of snag some hands-on time together with the upcoming port at PAX to Tera Items check out how it feels to experience Tera on its new house.
    First coming from all, Tera is quite much the same game it's got always been which consists of reactive actual time combat along with the wide variety of races and classes from which to choose. The only real changes for the game have been in user interfaces which will make navigating menus and inventory screens more console friendly.
    What’s interesting though is the place much combat seems like a mixture of popular dungeon crawlers such as the Dark Souls series with increased traditional MMO features. Locking on targets, dodging their attacks, then countering which has a strike of ones own and maybe throwing in the more powerful attack having a cooldown felt such as an easy enough task to perform with an XB1 or PS4 controller at your fingertips and did actually make perfect sense in that setting.
    Tera had been a solid staple on the planet of MMOs for a while now and its particular upcoming console release seems as if it will be a company testament to any time it comes to Xbox One and Tera Items PS4 later this coming year. We’ll you'll want to give you our full impressions even as we get more hands-on time using the upcoming console version.