Halloween Festivities Coming to TERA and Kritika Online on Octo

  • En Masse Entertainment takes ghoulish love unmasking their upcoming Halloween themed events with the Action Combat MMORPG TERA and hyper-stylish, fast-paced online anime action brawler, Kritika Online.
    Starting on Thursday, October 19, TERA players will dsicover the return of Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack and also the re-opening in the Harvest Festival Hall! Through Tuesday, November 14, players is able to collect “Kyra’s Catalysts” by completing a range of in-game content which range from daily quests to dungeons and battlegrounds. Catalysts could be exchanged at Tera Items Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack for random prizes, such as new macabre Mummy costume and skull accessory, and also Halloween-themed costumes and accessories from years past!
    The Eldritch Academy plays the place to find the annual Harvest Festival Hall event, challenging players to utilize Halloween Cannons to repel waves of sweet-toothed enemies intent on stealing all of the candy they will carry. Successfully defending the valuable troves of candy rewards players with special tokens that they're able to spend on many different rewards, including Boo, the spooky ghost pet, and also the fearsome Boneshaker mount. The Harvest Festival concludes on Tuesday, November 7.
    Kritika Online is also deploying its first Halloween event this current year, and players are invited to participate the festivities going down from Wednesday, October 18 through Wednesday, November 1!
    Dive to the Danger Zone’s newest challenge—the horrifying Haunted Room—and duke out against the Halloween Ghost to earn a bag brimming with Tera Items XBOX Festival Candies plus a chance at special costume pieces. Players may also trade in Festival Candies for specific costume pieces should the Halloween Ghost is now being stingy together with the treats. Complete the Haunted Room event 50 points during Halloween celebration and unlock a perpetual Ghost pet prepared to scare friends or strangers in a moment’s notice.