New StarCraft 2 Mod Is Like Rocket League With Warcraft Charact

  • With Rocket League proving to be very popular on both PC and PlayStation 4, it turned out only a a few time before it did start to inspire other projects. Just a few weeks after its release, spending budget a new StarCraft II mod that can take clear inspiration from Psyonix's soccer-with-cars game.
    As demonstrated within the video below from Bounty4321, Aqua League is often a StarCraft Arcade game which includes the basics of Rocket League Items: There's a rectangular arena with two teams competing to knock a ball in to the opposing team's goal. Players can collect boost power-ups scattered around to maneuver more quickly, this is possible to kill other players, removing them from play for some seconds.
    There are a handful of Cheap Rocket League Items obvious differences, such as the fact that you're playing as one of two Warcraft creatures--Naga or Revenant--in a pool of water. In a nice touch, as opposed to creating an outburst when you score, a tidal wave shoots out throughout the map.
    StarCraft Arcade previously required you possess at least one version of StarCraft II so that you can play its games, but by last year, it is freely accessible to everyone. However, Aqua League is alleged to always be in development and hasn't yet been released, and that means you won't think it is on the Arcade yet.