Path of Exile: Bau dir im Incursion-Update den perfekten Loot-D

  • Path of Exile has the new Incursion Challenge League on June 1st using the update 3.3.0. Here you travel back in its history to build even your ideal dungeon filled with loot. The expansion may also add innovative skills and revise other skills. Incursion will continue in the game for approximately 3 months.
    In Incursion explorer Alva Valai walks you back to yesteryear. Here there is a ancient Vaal Treasure Temple of Atzoatl and change its structure into the future. You open doors to new spaces with keys you get or upgrade the rooms to further improve the loot later on.
    You can enter and change the temple 11 times in yesteryear. Then you visit him again in today's. In the last, you ought to have opened numerous spaces as is possible and improved the crooks to finally acquire the best loot. The more monsters (Vaal architects) you kill in earlier times, greater time you've got in the dungeon to generate the changes.
    You have ten seconds to explore a location
    If you've got already literally Breach Challenge League, you already know the approximate process with POE Currency this type of event. You have ten seconds to explore a location. If your monster kills, in cases like this the Vaal, the just a few seconds will be extended. But that is not easy, when you also want to discover as much as you can and open new spaces.
    When looting you've as much time as you would like: In the Breach Challenge League, the games complained which they did not have lots of time to think about their loot. One has only limited space within the backpack and has now to decide how to proceed and what is removed.
    The developers at Grinding Gear Games have fallen up with a solution because of this. In the end, there is now a space where you can spend as often time as you want. Here you can think about each item in peace and take into consideration its values, prior to deciding to travel time for the present.
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    Release is June 1st - Then there are potentially profitable new skills, items and adjustments
    The content update 3.3.0 also brings you:
        12 New Gems - These are the gems Cheap POE Currency which you put into your equipment to achieve new abilities.
        There are 20 reworked abilities that customize effects, mechanics, and balance.
        28 new items and 20 new divination cards
    The Incursion update will commence on June 1st within the PC and June 4th about the Xbox. After about three months, the task will disappear.