Shop Update: Epic Etchings Box

  • Pump inside the volume! In the Tera Gold Shop you could find some amazing etchings materials for enhancing gear, but only until Tuesday, 2nd January. The box contains a lot of rare materials for crafting etchings, including etching crystals, Lucid Titan's Fire and much more.  
    In in conjunction with Cheap Tera Gold the designs it is possible to loot over the Ghastly Goings On, you may give your martial muscle an important boost.
    Unsurpassed Etchings Box IV
    This box is sure to contain:
        25x Uncommon Etching Crystal
        6x Rare Etching Crystal
        1x Superior Etching Crystal
        1x Lucid Titan's Fire
        1x Lucid Titan's Peace
        1x Lucid Titan's Earth
        1x Lucid Titan's Storm
    Plus one of many following items:
        1x Harmonious Imbalance
        1x Universal Additive
        1x Expert's Additive
        1x Specialist's Additive
        1x Master's Additive
    Improve your gear with powerful etchings!
    Have fun,
    The TERA Team