Online Beat’em Up RPG Closers Launches Today on PC

  • Closers, the fast-paced online RPG with high-octane action and anime-stylings, is actually available on Steam and about the En Masse digital store.
    Closers’ story follows a bunch high school students endowed with unique psychic powers tasked with Closers Credits stopping an alien invasion. As part of a closed society defense force protecting Neo-Seoul, the experience masterfully combines the frenetic action of old-fashioned arcade 2D beat ‘em ups with all the engaging combo mechanics of fighting games, plus the vivid art style and drama of your episodic anime.
    Starting today, players get access towards the Closers Launch Update which introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, a space where players can create the most powerful gear inside game and challenge Cheap Closers Credits first Raid Boss: Tiamat!
    Later this February, the brand new character - Nata - will probably be joining the Closers growing roster of selectable characters. Nata’s greatest joy in your everyday living is challenging himself resistant to the strongest fighters he'll find. He was drafted for the Wolfdogs (a particular rogue Closers group whose power rivals the Black Lambs) against his will, now his sole focus is now as powerful as he'll so they can escape the Wolfdogs and exist on his terms.