Closers Online CN: Character J Arrives in 2nd CBT

  • In a real cool season for loving, Tiancity brings CN players a gorgeous gift, Closers Credits Online's second Closed Beta on March 18. You will see a fresh character J, new map and increased level cap in conjunction with a brand-new versus mode inside the three days' test.
    Having gone through the very first war, J would be the eldest person in the ‘Black Sheep’ team with rich example of combat. His skills aren't the same as striker Seha Lee, fighter J is usually a fists and feet brawler that is expect at various cool combative techniques. If you like up-close-and-personal encounters Cheap Closers Credits using your foes, J might be the character to suit your needs.
    The new mission map “the old metro station” will likely be fully open. More from the story will probably be shown with all the new map and dungeon. Interested players please be sure you enter the Anime & Manga & Game world on CN server.