Review In Progress - Part Two

  • Well, it’s now been almost the whole week since TERA’s Head Start, and a few days since official launch.  How’re things shaping up? Honestly… this is one in the smoothest MMO launches in the past.  I said before who's’s possible TERA’s slow churn on hype, caught relating to Buy Tera Gold XBOX the beasts of SWTOR and GW2 could undertake it some good.  I still think that.  Judging from the amount of servers and current nightly populations inside the US (most medium, some high, several full) I think the sport’s profiting.  But you can find only a dozen roughly servers, they didn’t open with a lot of, and it appears like things are going perfectly.  Is it WoW pandemonium 2.0? Nope. But there’s definitely a market group of players En Masse is now catering too, in case they’re smart they’ll keep obtaining a way to retain them.  But I’m not here to prognosticate around the future from the game. I’m here to provide you with insight into what I’m thinking as I prepare our official review in some weeks’ time.  It’s week a pair of playing considering that the Open Beta in my opinion, I’m level 24 nevertheless adoring is very important my Lancer takes.  Let’s discuss something soon that I think are going to pay a potentially large a part of TERA’s success: its dungeons.


    I’ve run this dungeon repeatedly know, of course, if it’s indication of what you may anticipate as they are more varied and difficult in later levels, I’m gonna be a pleasant camper.  The group content, as I said a couple weeks ago, may well be TERA’s strongest point for me personally. Which is odd, because I’m generally a solo player and don’t look around for groups.  But the combat in a very party setting is phenomenal, and also the dungeon finder makes things quite simple if you’re a needed and specialized role including the Lancer (main tank).

    The Bastion of Lok (BoL) is often a straightforward tank & spank kind of experience, but obviously the combat of TERA makes such olden activities feel new again.  Melee DPS is approximately ducking, weaving, dodging.  Ranged DPS becomes about aim, timing, and knowing when you should back off.  Healing is about AOE targeting heals, with out longer almost clicking party health bars off to your left.  And tanking?  Oh man, tanking becomes about holding agro, timing your shield raises, and keeping your mana up between chaos… oh and keeping the mob facing you simply put friends could possibly get behind them and go all stabbity-stab.

    The video on this article shows a bunch that has mostly began to out-level BoL about this boss fight.  Even so, I can’t say it turned out ever “difficult”.  But google “How Not to Pull the Boss in Bastion of Lok” therefore you’ll look for a video that teaches you where a gaggle can go wrong using this fight.  I admit that my tanking video is most likely not the very best representation on the fight.  I mean, most from the time you observe me raising my shield and running out of the boss when he begins to use his leap attack (a move that may insta-gib a weaker character).  But honestly this PUG was fantastic: the DPS knew their classes and also the healer did an admirable job keeping all of us up.  There was just one time when I got worried at the end when I lost agro after I used my 10-second cooldown taunt.  But even that would have been a minor panic.

    BoL is often a quick jaunt too.  Lots of trash mobs between two main bosses, plus some rooms that you can definitely clear before taking around the final boss, as a consequence of all the minions (lesser, 1-3 shot mobs that swarm you).  There’s no puzzle or real challenging fights.  Solid pulls and smart players should not have any problem completing it.  But again, it’s the primary dungeon.  The real test in the game’s PVE dungeoneering will likely be as we hit the center and endgame and the way complex the fights become then.  We’ll tackle later dungeons in the future Review in Progress pieces.  Regardless, BoL is often a really fun introduction to your party-based instance romps in TERA.  I can’t delay until level 26 when your next one presents you with.


    Around level 20, players will discover themselves tasked with quests to kill BAMs (Big Ass Monsters).  Like possess, they’re huge beasts with crazy abilities, plenty of movement, and usually are intended for sets of 2-5 players (no raids or raid groups in TERA yet folks).  The thing is the fact every class is capable of doing soloing a Tera Items BAM.  This isn’t like other MMOs where an “elite” mob means you’d either better bring a buddy or out-level the information before attempting it.  If you’ve got the skill and realize how to handle your class, you'll be able to likely tackle a BAM on your personal.  Obviously, Priests and Lancers can take a longer time, but they also can practice it too and likely are able to use their survival skills where their DPS is lacking.  The first real BAMs you’ll hunt are Basilisks around 20, and yes it’s fantastic to find out players in chat wanting for group or utilizing the LFG menu to discover people to spend playtime with.  Because the overall game doesn’t punish your XP gain for being in the group, even traditionally solo players are learning to get friendly.