How to find new music on youtube


    Everyone loves the music. No one will be on the earth who doesn't like it. Every time we searches for the best music in the online world. It gives us immense pleasure once we listen it. So we find the new songs every time. Do you visit youtube daily? 


    Then you might be searching for the best songs in any genre. I want to share with you share some hacks which help me to find english and hindi songs. You can also find the songs related to your interest. 

    So without doing further ado, start this guide. 

    To do so, you need to go on

    there you will see the seach box. There you need to put the term that you want to check over there. Let's suppose I want to listen the music, I said listen because few people listen music over youtube while working on pc. so, we will put the term like best songs of 2018 april. If you want to find the bollywood songs then simply put the best or top songs of bollywood songs april 2018. 

    You can also add the playlist so you can get a list of good songs. Like Best songs of bollywood playlist april 2018. This way you need to search on the youtube and you will get lots of good songs to listen. 

    I do the same every time and get the good songs to listen. 

    It works every time. 

    You should also try it. 

    You got one more option here. Just go to this page and there you will get an option to listen the free music without doing this process. There you will see the inbuilt playlist of latest songs.