Moving Into A New Office? Make Sure You Take These IT Considera

  • Moving home can be quite stressful. You worry about your valuables reaching their destination intact. And you get concerned that you might have forgotten to plan for any potential problems. Examples include phone line diversions, Internet access and so forth.

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    The same thing applies with business office moves. Except that there is a bigger sense of urgency! Every minute that your firm cannot do business will end up costing you money (i.e. lost revenue). And if phone lines don’t get activated in time at your new office, that can add an extra layer of headaches!

    Is your business moving to a new home soon? If so, there are some important IT considerations that you need to be aware of. They are as follows:

    Phone lines

    Despite firms doing business in such a digital age, we all still rely on our telephones for voice communications. Phone lines are an essential part of any business, as they provide a useful channel for customers to communicate with you.

    Before you move into your new office, you should do a survey of it to find out what phone lines are in place. You will then need to organize a visit from your phone company. They can check the wiring is in good condition, and that you have adequate lines going into your office.

    Arrange for your phone company to activate your lines the day before you move into your new office. You can then divert those calls to cell phones in your old office. It is also handy for answering calls whilst you are moving.

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    Your business will doubtless use email accounts and go on the World Wide Web each day. If your new office doesn’t have an Internet connection, no-one can go online. It’s as simple as that!

    As with your phone lines, make sure your broadband or fiber connection gets activated before you move into your new office. That way, when you move in, you can go online as soon as possible.

    Network Cabling

    There’s a high chance that you won’t have your desks and office furniture in the same positions that the former occupants did. To use your network and go on the Internet, each computer will need access to a network point.

    By now you might think that fitting new network cabling will be a nightmare! The good news is that companies like will do the hard work for you. They can even tell you how to improve your network speeds, like upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet, for instance!

    Wireless Access Points

    When you get your new cabling for you, have the network cabling firm install some wireless access points for you. Wireless APs are useful for people that use laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

    Make sure that they can get access from all parts of your office. For example, you will need wireless access points set up in main office areas, meeting rooms and so forth.

    Good luck with your office move!

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