The THOMAS SABO model means outstanding flexibility

  • thomas sabo sverige The THOMAS SABO brand name means remarkable versatility and at the moment comprises 3 collections - THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver, THOMAS SABO Allure Club and THOMAS SABO Watches. All current collections are harmoniously coordinated with each other and can be put together in many different ways which transcend the bounds from the unique collection strains. This individual function isn't noticed while in the jewelry and observe phase. Along with the Glam & Soul, Karma Beads and Rebel at heart strains, THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver addresses a broad target group. Timelessly elegant or edgy and masculine - the selection offers the right piece of jewellery for every particular person style and occasion.

    thomas sabo online sverige The result is a fully independent enjoy assortment, consisting of over 100 models during the distinctive THOMAS SABO design style. With THOMAS SABO Appeal Club, the trend for attraction bracelets reaches new, glittering heights. The Attraction fans’ passion for collecting is regularly reignited with the latest motifs and bracelet elements. THOMAS SABO is a worldwide lifestyle brand name headquartered in Germany and was founded in 1984 by the company owner, Thomas Sabo. Together with the company Creative Director, Susanne K?lbli, he develops all designs that lend the model its typical style. The THOMAS SABO model means extraordinary design and versatility.

    thomas sabo rea The collection has a decidedly spiritual bent, including vintage-inspired astrological medallions and evil eyes, as well as celestial motifs like slivered crescent moons and mother-of-pearl starbursts. The charms aren’t limited to bracelets. They is often added to long chains to create a jangly rock ’n’ roll pendant, to chokers for more of a gothic vibe or even to hoop earrings. The collection also includes single earrings that can be mixed and matched to create a unique set or worn individually as a bold accent. And this spring, with a men’s selection featuring model new bracelets, necklaces, charms, and watches, he continues to be a leading force during the increasingly accessorized world of menswear. It’s probably time you took his advice. Your wrists will thank you.

    thomas sabo smycken rea THOMAS SABO is reinventing the world of charms together with the Generation Attraction Club Selection. With a sprawling range of options, this collection is all about self-expression. We're giving you a chance to win the new Generation Attraction Club necklace with a vintage zodiac sign pendant of your choice, and a Fleur De Lis charm. The new name in gorgeous fashion jewelry is going to knock your socks off! Not only is Thomas Sabo becoming a household name, his designs are sweeping the nation and making every girl want to be a Thomas Sabo girl. And luckily, no matter the personality in the lady in your life, there will be something that will fit their style.