TERA PC Spring Sale!

  • From today until Monday May 21, at 10 a.m. PDT, Tera Items PC has a massive sale.We've got a lot more than 75 items available for sale for up to 1 / 2 off, and we're bringing back some good items at regular price with this week only:BFF Loot Box (using a chance to obtain a unicorn mount)Darkflame Loot Box (which has a chance for an ultraplasm weapon skin)Blackheart Box (using a chance for a blackheart weapon skin)Male Flight Suit Loot Box (male characters only)Female Flight Suit Loot Box (female characters only)Phoenix Loot Box (having a chance for a phoenix flying mount or Pteryx flying mount)

    Flight Suit Costume BundleAnd if you are buying EMP, you’ll earn Royal Dragon rewards boxes, each that has a chance to get yourself a royal dragon token exchangeable on your choice of a Royal Ghost Dragon, Royal Diamond Dragon, Royal Iron Dragon, or Royal Crimson Dragon!Buy 1,000 EMP and acquire 1 free Royal Dragon Rewards Box.Buy 2,200 EMP and acquire 3 free Royal Dragon Rewards Boxes.Buy 4,600 EMP and obtain 7 free Royal Dragon Rewards Boxes.Buy 12,000 EMP and acquire 20 free Royal Dragon Rewards Boxes. And to round it, if you pick 35,000 EMP we'll guarantee that you royal dragon token to Tera Gold exchange on your choice of flying dragon mount.