New Dungeon: Ruinous Manor

  • Hey,  Tera Items fans! We’ve just added another hard-mode dungeon to test your skill!

    The "Insanity Epidemic" could have run its course, even so the events of Lilith's Keep have definite consequences in Ruinous Manor (Hard). For if there's one thing for sure with vampyrs, bosses cannot truly die…and always hunger for vengeance.

    Ruinous Manor (Hard) can be acquired starting Tuesday, May 22.

        Location—Cliffs of Insanity in Popolion (or using a Keep and Manor Teleport Scroll)
        Required Level—65
        Recommended Number of Players—5 players
        Minimum Item Level—422
        Daily Entry Limit—1 (2 for elite players)
        Bosses—Nightmare Resurrected Atrocitas, Nightmare Resurrected Malgarios, Nightmare Lachelith
        Loot—Manorborne Earring, Estateborne Earring, Manorborne Ring, Estateborne Ring, Ambush Belt, Lady's Handerkerchief, Envy Crystal, Eau de Fascination, Lachelith's Treasure Chest

    Here's a shorter breakdown in the loot you may get from this hard-mode dungeon.

    Manorborne and Estateborne rings and earrings pair nicely for some other Demense accessories from Lilith's Keep. Ambush gear would be the current best-in-game set, and belts are pretty rare acquisitions. Plus, crafting materials from drops and chests are going to be extremely useful  with Tera Gold since you build your rest of your Ambush set!