Remote control for gate automation: an original or compatible m

  • Nowadays, it is impossible to take full advantage of the comfort offered by its gate automatism without using a remote control. Indeed, thanks to this accessory, you can control your device remotely by simply pressing one or a few buttons. However, to make this possible, it is important to choose the portal remote control you are using. On this last point, we will have the choice between two main models: an original remote control and a compatible remote control. Find in the paragraphs below the specificities and advantages of each of them.

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    The original gate remote control

    As its name clearly indicates, the original gate remote control is specially designed to control a particular gate operator. In other words, it cannot be used on another automated system and is only reserved for the one for which it is intended. Of course, the operation here is excellent since the long range remote control transmitter and receiver are quite well associated. So there won't be any compatibility concerns or problems like that when you use it. Moreover, the manufacturer of an original remote control is generally the same as the one who manufactured the gate automatism. However, there are some manufacturers that outsource the design of this accessory to other companies.


    The compatible portal remote control

    Unlike the original remote control, the compatible gate remote control is not designed by the same manufacturer as the gate operator. It is simply compatible since it can work with several types of gate automatisms. Some people call it rf universal remote control, but the use of this term seems rather abusive since for a gate remote control, compatibility is very limited. This is the reason why we prefer the name of compatible remote control or copious remote control. This last name is also very frequently used and refers here to the remote control's ability to copy the radio signal from the old remote control. Before buying one, it is therefore strongly recommended to check the compatibility of the two models.