The best-looking World of Warcraft armor coming from all time

  • If you will find there's ground zero for my lifelong obsession with loot, it's undoubtedly the cuckolding sessions with the Stormwind town square in the past of World of Warcraft. The strong, virile raiders returned from your hunt, decked in treasures a country mile removed in the template junk I was pulling away from murlocs and gnolls. I wanted to get like them. I too wished to experience the innate self-confidence of astronomical numbers and hang up bonuses, regardless of Warmane Gold for sale whether it meant acquiring a D in chemistry.

    For 14 years Blizzard has become dutifully polishing sparkling, top-tier armor sets for each on the game's 12 classes, seductively inserted in to the loot tables with the latest and greatest baddies. The tradition began all the way up back in Tier One, by which guilds hunted down legends like Ragnaros, Onyxia, and Nefarian to finish the set. We're on Tier 20 now. The jealous torment of Azeroth's newbies won't end.

    What made these armor sets special was the tender love and care the Blizzard art team put in their design. That touch made them feel truly special. Yes, sure, hardcore players probably wouldn't have cared whenever they looked dumb provided that the Oultand Gold stats were suitably high, but World of Warcraft understood the tried-and-true RPG glory of playing in our secret diva fantasies. We may require a high crit-rate, but we also must vamp.

    With that under consideration, allow me to share eight of our own favorite sets in the history of Warcraft lifespan. Don't worry, we experimented with keep the Tier Two mentions down.