Madden 18 ‘Longshot’ walkthrough and guide

  • The goal of Longshot, Madden 18’s first “story mode,” is to Madden Coins for sale purchase Devin Wade drafted. It also simple for Colt Cruise, Devin’s closest friend, to become drafted, if Devin makes choices that highlight Colt’s talent during on-field scenarios.

    The user plays Devin by having a series of dialogue choices and football drills supposed to improve his grade to the NFL draft. This guide will identify and explain all the choices Devin will make and how they affect his scouting report.

    In the quick-timer play sequence, press Square/X to fake the pass, then X/A to throw it.

    This describes a minigame the place that the user steers the Cheap Madden 19 Coins ball flying. Steer the ball right, outside the outstretched arms of Devin’s dad, into Colt’s hands. This is an easy throw.