Some Madden 19 Predictions as Another NFL Season Comes to a Clo

  • In several days, the Eagles can play the Patriots in Super Bowl 52. Then the lights will likely be dark along with the long offseason will start. The same goes for for Madden 18, that's nearing the conclusion of Madden Coins for sale its annual cycle.

    This was mostly an effective year for Madden. EA might make a fairly smooth transition to your Frostbite Engine. They implemented FIFA's popular Weekend Leagues in Ultimate Team, and more importantly, introduced Longshot—a new story mode that earned a Writer's Guild nomination. That's together with the usual gameplay tweaks—the line play is very excellent this year—and smaller additions such as ability to play live games.

    It's not much of a stretch to convey that Madden could be the strongest game in EA's sports portfolio right this moment, especially with FIFA's recent decline. As I've said before, we're well beyond the bad days of the past of the early 2010s.

    But keep in mind, there are many areas by Madden 19 Coins which Madden can improve. We won't understand what EA has up its sleeve until E3, but we can easily still produce a few reasonable predictions regarding what will likely be addressed within the new year. Here's what I'm seeking to see in Madden 19.