´╗┐Fortnite Pays Homage To Tilted Towers Meteor Theory

  • The meteor inside the sky of Fortnite is slowly approaching for Fortnite Skins above a month, as well as in that time we've seen several false alarm during which the community was certain that impact was imminent. Now seems like Epic has inserted a bit Easter egg that, otherwise hinting that every one of the speculation is correct, might no less than be in for the joke.
    A Reddit poster noticed four signs around the roof of Tilted Towers: buildings, a construction helmet, a meteor, and also the word "today" hastily scribbled up to instead read "tomorrow." Taken together, it seems to become an obvious nod to your popular fan theory that once the meteor touches down, it can destroy Tilted Towers in favor of an different and even less contentious landing zone. The tower roof also houses lawn chairs having a telescope.
    Keep at heart, though, which the signs aren't necessarily meant to get taken literally. The hitting the ground with "tomorrow" might be a cheeky commentary around the frequent times impact has seemed imminent, only to not happen. Or this may be an intricate misdirect, since Epic hasn't confirmed exactly what the meteor will in fact do by any means. Either way, the studio is signaling it is extremely aware of fan expectations.
    The latest bout of speculation originated from update 3.6, which went live overnight. A tweet promised it could be "sticking its landing," which could are already a reference to your impending cosmic crash. Instead, it introduced balance changes and a different grenade. At this point it's learning to be a question with the items will hit Fortnite first: a meteor or China. Shop on MMOAH is safe and convenient where you can enjoy the wonderful shopping experience. With the fast development of world internet technology, they can provide cheap & fast Fortnite Traps.