NFL Team Uses Fortnite To Announce 2018 Game Schedule

  • Fortnite sure is popular. The NFL's Buffalo Bills are creating a silly new video where they announced their 2018 schedule through Fortnite. Really.
    "All aboard the Battle Bus," reads a tweet from your Fortnite Skins studio together with the video. The video shows Fortnite's famous Battle Bus flying through the map, but as an alternative to places like Tilted Towers, the truth is locations like Bill's Badlands. It's expected now for big brands and teams in order to connect while using audiences through Fortnite, that is one in the most popular games on Earth right this moment. But really, many of these forced Fortnite branding opportunities turned out to be a bit much, to me.
    In news about Fortnite the sport, the Battle Royale game's newest update arrived on the scene today. It added a 50v50 limited-time mode and a whole new Light Machine Gun, among other things. To mark the launch, developer Epic is holding a Double XP weekend, so now is really a really good time for it to jump inside an get extra rewards. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can buy cheap and safe Fortnite Traps from MMOAH, fast delivery, all-weather online.