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Download Package Disabler Pro (All Android) Latest version apk

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    January 9, 2018 4:53 AM EST

    Package Disabler
    Many phones encompass loads of preinstalled unwanted programs, which include video and music apps that now not all users revel in. These apps take in an expansion of location and reduce your phone's overall performance, with out letting customers uninstall them.

    Unless you may root your telephone, there's no actual way to cast off them. However, Package Disabler Pro is a very beneficial app that lets you disable those pre-installed programs, however it handiest works on Samsung telephones.
    Easy-to-use interface with masses of recommendations

    The app's interface is pretty universal, it most effective has a listing of all applications installed to your cellphone and does not include any actual suggestions. Therefore, it is top notch to study all instructions and watch the video at the app's Google Play web web page, earlier than starting to disable packages.

    It would not use cloth format however it does have a menu with options under an overflow icon on the top left issue of the display. The app is pretty fluent and it is able to now not take prolonged to figure out the manner it works and all of the neat capabilities that you could use.
    Disable all unwanted packages

    Package Disabler satisfactory works on Samsung devices, but the developer is making an attempt to make the app available for different telephones as properly. All you need to do which will disable a package is to find it within the listing or use the quest bar.

    It indicates you if the bundle is walking, it is size, direction, CPU utilization, RAM reminiscence usage and records period. You can easy facts and disable the bundle deal. This might now not propose that the app is uninstalled, however it's going to no longer get updates from Google Play and won't take in cellphone assets. Use the app to clear reminiscence and hold battery to your mobile phone, with out rooting it.
    More functions

    You can lock get right of entry to in the app using a password, as to make sure others won't get entry to your records. Package Disabler presents an export/ import capability to backup all disabled applications in your external storage which you may repair at any time.

    However, customers ought to generally have a backup in their phone as essential talents could probable damage whilst disabling system apps. In addition, the exported package listing helps you to rapidly eliminate all bloatware after putting in a trendy ROM or appearing a manufacturing facility reset. When wiping your smartphone's data, you may export your package list to import it for your new ROM.

    The app comes with a pinnacle charge function that prices 0.Ninety nine$ and helps you to disable a significant variety of programs, get rid of bloatware with one click on on, it permits batch operation to allow all disabled programs and has lots of filters.
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