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    May 9, 2018 11:12 PM EDT

    SAN FRANCISCO Air Max 90 Kids , July 19 (Xinhua) -- Two researchers at Oregon State University have built a framework for autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs, to plan energy-efficient trajectories through disturbances that are strong and uncertain, like ocean currents and wind fields.


    AUVs such as underwater gliders are valuable research tools limited primarily by their energy budget, meaning every bit of battery power wasted via inefficient trajectories cuts into the time they can spend working. And greater energy efficiency means the AUVs can gather data longer and better.


    "Historically Air Max 90 Womens , a lot of oceanography data sets and sampling came from using ships, which are expensive and can only really be out for a few days at a time," noted Dylan Jones, a Ph.D. student in OSU's robotics program and lead author on the study published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. "With autonomous underwater vehicles, you can get months-long monitoring. And a way to extend those vehicles' missions is through smarter planning for how they get from one point of interest to another."


    Built by Jones and Ph.D. advisor Geoff Hollinger Air Max 90 Mens , assistant professor of mechanical engineering in OSU's College of Engineering, the framework involves an algorithm that samples alternate paths, and comparison metrics that let a vehicle decide when it makes sense to switch paths based on new information collected about environmental disturbances.


    They tested the framework in a simulated environment, namely a data set of currents from the Regional Ocean Modeling System, and also on a windy lake with an autonomous boat. The results show that the algorithm can plan vehicle paths that are more energy efficient than ones planned by existing methods Air Max 90 , that it is robust enough to deal with environments for which not much data is available, and that three of the framework's five path comparison metrics can be used to plan more efficient routes compared to planning based solely on the ocean current forecast.


    "These are under-actuated vehicles - they don't go fast in relation to the strong ocean currents, so one way to get them to travel more efficiently is to go with the flow, to coast and not use energy," Jones said Nike Air Max 90 Suede On Sale , noting that overcoming strong disturbances is a critical component of putting any kind of robot in a real-life environment, and past planning algorithms haven't always considered the dynamics of the vehicle they were planning for.


    "We're building more intelligence into these vehicles so they can more reliably accomplish their missions," he was quoted as saying in a news release from OSU in the U.S. Pacific Northwest on Wednesday.


    Future research will also deal with "informative path planning," namely gathering information about the environment and disturbances that the algorithm can use later to plan energy-efficient routes. "How do we combine these two ideas - planning a path for energy efficiency while also trying to gather information that will inform efficient path planning?" Jones said. "There will be tradeoffs and it might come down to, do I pay five hours now to save six hours later on?"


    INCHEON Nike Air Max 90 Leather On Sale , South Korea, Oct. 2 (Xinhua ) -- Indian boxer Sarita Devi's bronze medal from the women's boxing 60kg event at the Asian Games might be stripped off as she refused to accept it due to dissatisfaction to the judges.


    Devi, 32 was irritated by the judges for her loss to South Korea's Park Ji-na in the semifinals on Tuesday as she believed that she performed much better than her opponent.


    Devi cried all long during the award ceremony on Wednesday and refused to accept the bronze medal. She even put the medal on the neck of Park, who lost to China's Yin Junhua in the final.


    "She needs to respect the official ruling and show sportsmanship," said Son Cheon-taik Nike Air Max 90 Kids On Sale , deputy secretary of the Incheon Asian Games organizing committee. "Her actions were not sportsman-like. The OCA is working on the review of the medal, whether or not to give it to her or confiscate it. So they are deciding what to do with it."


    Son said, no matter how upset Devi was, she should have lodged an official complaint. "If an athlete feels cheated, there needs to be an official letter to the judging committee Nike Air Max 90 Womens On Sale , which I have begun working on. I have not yet sent this letter, so nothing is official."


    In the women's 75kg final on Wednesday, the Chinese team filed a complaint to the referee as they believed a warning to their boxer Li Qian in the third round was unfair and led to her loss to DPR Korea's Jang Un-hui. But the judge panel didn't change the decision.




    ANKARA, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- A tourist boat capsized due to strong wind and rainfall in Turkish resort province of Antalya on Saturday, 86 people on board were rescued while one passenger is still missing.


    According to Governor of Antalya Munir Karaloglu, a large number of coast guards and maritime police officers were dispatched to the scene, Daily Sabah reported.


    Dogan News Agency said that 79 people were rescued and two people were missing in the region.


    The boat left a yacht port in Kaleici of Antalya before capsizing off the coast of Konyaalti, some 26.5 kilometers away.


    The report said that search and rescue operations were still underway.


    BERLIN, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Eastern and Western Germany remain economically divided 27 years after their re-unification, an official report approved on Wednesday by the German Federal Government finds.


    Although the differences between the two halves of the country have continued to decline since 1990 Nike Air Max 90 Mens On Sale , the average gap in output in 2016 was still 27 percent. Excluding the relatively-prosperous Berlin, the disparity would have been even higher at 32 percent.


    "Germany's strong position in Europe and the wider world regularly overshadows its domestic tensions back home," Michael . Cheap AS Roma Jerseys   Cheap AC Milan Jerseys   Cheap USA Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Portugal Soccer Jerseys   Cheap France Soccer Jerseys   Cheap England Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Croatia Jerseys   Wholesale Colombia Jerseys   Wholesale Chile Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Brazil Soccer Jerseys